The farm

Brynich is a working farm with 40 acres of grazing land, split in two by the Brynich Brook. We have recently turned one area over to growing vegetables (without the use of chemicals & pesticides) and are in the process of becoming more self-sufficient. In the future, we intend to grow seasonal vegetables that can be used by our guests in the holiday cottages and in the Play Barn – offering our smaller customers food that is packed with goodness.

A couple of years ago we built a cluster of four composting bins out of recycled timber and use all our own kitchen and farm compostables to feed it, along with hop waste kindly supplied by Breconshire Brewery. These all rot down and are put back on the ground to feed our vegetables.

This year Mark has planted one area with barley. We wanted to encourage seed feeding birds which are struggling in many parts of the UK. Hopefully this will go some way to helping. We’ve also planted lots of navite wild flowers at the back of the lawns and the finches have been having a field day feeding on the seeds.

Our good friends Sam & Brian and Ken now keep bees in the garden as well. The old hen house renovation is complete And we now have 4 free range hens who are kind enough to pay for their accommodation in eggs. The hens are a variety of breeds, Mrs Thomas lays the most eggs, but Florence ‘rules the roost’!

We have now completed the construction of our new timber shed – which is the new home to our very old tractor and a friend’s horse, who is expecting a foal (the horse – not the friend). We wanted to avoid using lots of concrete and metalwork and so have opted for a timber framed building. We are really happy with the result and would reccommend ‘Farm Plus’ to anyone thinking of doing a similar build. It also blends into the background really well.